So the friend from my last post emailed me on Saturday to tell me that she “knew what happened” and that she would not even entertain an apology from Jay. She said that we had a “difference of opinion” and that she would like to continue to be friends.

But how can I remain friends with someone who wouldn’t even listen to an apology from my husband that she accused of rubbing her leg with his in what she felt was an unwelcome lascivious manner? It’s a bit more serious than a difference of opinion. And it jeopardizes everything I’m working for with Jay. So I explained that I needed her to hear him out, or I wouldn’t be able to remain friends. She only replied “OK” and unfriended me on Facebook, which is pretty final in this day and age.

I am not and don’t want to be one of those women who blindly defends her husband, because that’s how abuse continues. I have tried to look at this as logically as possible and this just doesn’t make any sense at all to me. Intentionally rubbing a freshly married lady’s leg with his own in a lascivious way is just not something he does or has ever done, even in his worst moments. Rubbing her leg with his was something that could have happened by mistake. My “friend” is acting like Jay ran his hand up her leg or groped her boob or something. I can’t believe she would refuse to even listen to an apology for unintentionally making her uncomfortable.

But to each her own I suppose. All I know is I don’t need that kind of additional drama in my life. Things are dramatic enough as it is with the addiction recovery. I’m sad that I’ve had to lose so many friends in the past few years but I simply will not tolerate manipulation by anyone any longer, not by Jay, my mother, my brother, or any friends.

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